Troop Meetings

Scouts run every Tuesday nights from 18:30 – 21:00. We run during term and only stop during both Christmas and summer holidays.

Scout nights always start with Flag break, followed by an inspection of uniform and portfolios before we move onto the evenings badgework or activity.  At Scouts we work towards each section member completing their Chief Scout Gold award.  At the start of each term we sit as a Troop and lay out the coming terms programme.  With a youth lead programme, we endeavour to keep up to date with current trends and affairs, making sure activities are fresh and relevant.



Scout uniform consists of a green shirt and navy blue combat trousers, Synthonia provide our groups neckerchief and woggle as part of the Joining Fee.




The Scout section hold several camps over the year aiming usually at 4 weekend camps dotted throughout the year with the ones taking place in colder months taking place in indoor residential facilities  , and Summer camp at the start of the School summer holidays, taking place from the last Saturday in July till the following Saturday.  All scout camps take place on Scout association owned properties in the UK.