Lodge Meetings

Beavers run every Wednesday night from 17:45 – 19:00. We run during half term and only stop during both Christmas and summer holidays.

At Beavers we have a 2 year programme and aim over this period to complete the Chief Scout Bronze award with each Beaver. The Chief Scout Bronze award consists of the following challenge badges, The Adventure Challenge, Outdoor challenge, Personal Challenge, Skills Challenge, Teamwork Challenge, and the World Challenge. 




Beaver uniform consists of a Turquoise sweatshirt and navy blue combat trousers, Synthonia provide our groups neckerchief and woggle as part of the Joining Fee.



Camps and Sleepovers

Beavers occasionally take part in Camps and Sleepovers, such as Damboree a weekend camp with Beavers meeting up from all over Cleveland County