Cubs run
Every Thursday night from 18:15 – 19:55. We run during half term and only stop
during both Christmas and summer holidays.

We always start with inspection, uniform,
smartness, Powerpack, new badges worn, lateness and behaviour are all accounted
for.  Cubs are given a presentation
folder, their Powerpack which holds all badge work. This should be brought
every week and counts as part of inspection. Any letters given to cubs will be
placed in this folder for safe keeping


Badges and homework

Each term we attempt a number of badges. Some
elements of badge work need to be completed at home. This is not mandatory and
cubs are not pressurised to complete.

Most badge work is completed in clearly written
work books that I create and print so parents can explain to their cub, if
required. The amount of work to be completed depends age and ability of the
cub, in the spirit of 'doing their best'. 
Cubs are usually given 4-6 weeks to complete all badgework. As cubs
reach 10 years old I will discuss any missing badgework so they have every
opportunity to complete the Chief Scouts Silver Award before they move up into
the Scout Section.


Cub uniform consists of a Green sweatshirt and navy
blue combat trousers,

Synthonia provide our groups neckerchief and woggle
as part of the Joining Fee



Camps and Sleepovers

Each term we hold one two night camp and if possible one single night sleepover.  Two night camps are held in Scout Association owned buildings within 1 1/2 hours from Billingham.  Kit lists are provided for each camp and vary depending on type of venue.  All kit should be clearly marked with the cub’s name.


Our Charter

I plan a programme following the Scout Associations guidelines to allow a Synthonia Cub Scout over a period of 2 years to achieve the Chief Scouts Silver Award. To ensure this happens each term each cub will have the option to-

·         Attempt at least one challenge award

·         Attempt at least three activity badges

·         Attempt at least one level of one staged activity badge

·         Attend one District or County event.

·         Attend two events or visits away from the Scout Hut on a packnight

·         Attend one two night camp away from the Scout Hut

·         Attend one sleepover at the Scout Hut

·         I want my cubs to learn and experience new things, have fun and look fondly on their time spent as a cub while at Synthonia.